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This platform is your one-stop solution to becoming acquainted with the technicalities of law, which is undeniably a driving factor of our day-to-day life.


We are in the process of recasting the wall that stood between you and the legal language. AC brings you a new and easy way to perceive tough legal jargon. Let’s together make the legal language more comprehensible, easy and fun.


We strive to provide accuracy which can help you rely on us.


It’s key to enjoying life as well as information. Just like each one of us strives to have a balance in life, we at AC, aim at bringing a balance in information we provide to you – balance in the form of facts from dictionary and ideas from the blog.

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Attorneys Checklist is an initiative designed to provide a comprehensive understanding and acquaintance of the legal language. We aim to assist every person who desires to crack legal jargon.

In the fiercely competitive business landscape of today…..

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Proofreading is an essential skill for anyone who writes. Whether you’re a student….

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Drafting a legal notice is a critical endeavor in the realm of law. It serves as……

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Client Testimonials

Tarini PeshwariaInfluencer
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Honestly, having my content plagiarized, certain identity theft or even certain pages or brands using my content without permission had become a bit problematic, so yes, now I have a legal team to help me with this. If you ever need any legal assistance, I 100% recommend my lawyers at Attorney’s Checklist and Sakshi Jaiswal.
Manshi JaiswalEngineer
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My experience with Sakshi Jaiswal and Attorney’s Checklist exceeded all expectations. Their legal acumen, unwavering support and personalized approach set them apart in the legal field. If you are looking for a team that combines expertise with genuine care for clients, look no further. Attorney's Checklist is the one to trust.
Yuvraj SinghEntrepreneur and Stock Market Trader
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As the founder of a startup, I was navigating through a maze of legal requirements, especially when it came to trademark registration and LLP registration. The clarity and expertise provided by AC were truly commendable. They didn't just scratch the surface; they delved deep into the nitty-gritty of running a business, ensuring that I had a solid foundation to build upon. AC's guidance has been invaluable to my startup journey, and I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of legal support and business advice.
Nisha JainFashion Designer & Entrepreneur
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It was great working with Aishwarya who helped me navigate through the legalities of launching my lifestyle brand and its website. She & the team at Attorney’s Checklist made sure my IP rights are protected and also ensured compliance with all IT laws. Would definitely reach out to them for any & everything!

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