10-Point Checklist To Become A Lawyer

This article was authored by Ms. Sakshi Jaiswal, creator at Attorneys Checklist.

Have you ever pondered the intricacies of taxation, brand protection, or the disparities between corporate and partnership regulations? If your curiosity about the law’s role in everyday life fuels your desire to learn and advocate for justice, a career in law might be your ideal path. However, it’s not just curiosity that makes a successful lawyer; it’s a combination of problem-solving skills, a strong work ethic, a deep enthusiasm for the law, confidence, empathy, effective communication, strict adherence to legal and moral standards, and the ability to listen actively.

  1. CURIOSITY: Have you ever thought about why you have to pay a percentage of your income to the government or what is the best method of protecting your brand or why companies have more compliance requirements than partnerships? If you are curious about any aspect of life and possess a desire to learn about its legalities or position under the law, becoming a lawyer would be a perfect career decision.
  2. KNACK TO FIND THE SOLUTION: In any difficult situation, are you the one to whine about it or the one to suggest and look for solutions? If you are the latter, you already have an important skill of problem-solving. Every individual has the problem-solving capacity, however, only headstrong individuals who can convert their capacity into action are ready to make a mark in this profession.
  3. HARD + SMART WORK: It is not just a saying but an actual fact, that “nothing comes easy”. Hard work is an attribute that any individual seeking to become successful must be willing to take on, however, its today’s era of GEN Z, smart work is equally important. Tasks like research and drafting which were considered to fall under hard work can easily be achieved by smart work nowadays. It must be remembered though that no smart work can be done without hard work first.
  4. ENTHUSIASM TOWARD THE LAW: If you don’t have the desire to know the law or follow the law, your bare acts will just be fat books and endless boring readings where you are always looking for shortcuts. In order to work hard also you must possess enthusiasm for the law.
  5. CONFIDENCE: Confidence is often also called being an extrovert however, that is not always the case. An introvert who is not very outgoing can also possess confidence. Confidence is being able to stand up for your clients or people in need. It is the innate ability to stand up for what you believe in, and again don’t confuse confidence with being a rebel.
  6. EMPATHY: Do you put yourself in the other person’s shoes in order to know where they are coming from or what they are going through? Now that’s another quality that helps lawyers with their clients as well as judges. Lawyers face diverse situations on a daily basis and to be able to make everyone feel confident and heard in your presence is a good job done.
  7. COMMUNICATION: Communication skills are the most important skill a lawyer must possess even if you do not plan to go into litigation or speak at public events. It is important because often legal language can get a tad bit too much and to be able to simplify it and present it to your client, judge or counterparty is half the battle won.
  8. LAW ABIDING: Well, this one is a given and technically mandatory as well. However, there is a catch, individuals convicted of offenses involving moral turpitude are only barred from becoming a lawyer in our country.
  9. MORALLY UPRIGHT: This is a profession that comes with its own set of requirements. Just like a suitable groom in any wedding, a lawyer must also be respected in its society to get suitable clients and constant income.
  10. GOOD LISTENER: If you love talking non-stop without giving others a chance to others to speak then this is not the correct profession for you. The maximum percentage of being empathetic comes from actually being a good listener and alongside that, one must also learn how to listen to understand rather than listen to respond.

In the realm of law, success hinges on more than just legal expertise. It’s about your knack for finding solutions, your diligence in balancing hard work with smart strategies, your unwavering enthusiasm for the legal field, your ability to exude confidence without rebelling, your capacity for empathy, your skills in simplifying complex legal jargon, your strict adherence to the law’s requirements, your moral uprightness, and your dedication to being a good listener. Embrace these qualities, and you’ll not only excel as a lawyer but also make a meaningful impact on the lives of your clients and society as a whole.

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